The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

A nice mid-January Saturday

Ah, that was pleasant.

Mother being just back from her annual month in Florida (where she stays with my ex-pat sister Dorcas), we popped over, expecting the other, in-pat, sister Isobel also to be there. However, 'Bel is currently in the throes of lurve, boyfriend was in London area, and we didn't get to see her after all. Ah well, maybe at the funeral at the end of February.

The drive over to Silverstone is one that we're getting the hang of, now that we've got the definitive route from the Smartnav (it involves going up the M1 for several junctions. Since this is a supposedly East <-> West journey, and the M1 notionally is a South <-> North motorway, it's not something I'd have expected, but the M1 is actually heading more North-West at that point and is also somewhat faster). Perhaps because of this, we arrived early, and decided to kill some time, wandering off down towards Stowe Gardens to admire the view of the main house from Dadcott (well, we did get married in Stowe). On the way past Silverstone circuit, we saw a couple of cars rather awkwardly stopped blocking the left lane by one of the gates. However, since the road just there is a dual carriageway, and it's almost totally unused outside race days, that's not a real problem. On the way back, the same two cars were going round and round a roundabout, with the shiny blue Ford thing being filmed from the other one. Ah, how sweet - it's a motoring program. Even more amusing, it's possible that the front of my car ended up in frame, which will cause some poor anorak somewhere to write in saying "that must be faked, you showed an MG with late 2006 plates, and as everyone knows, MG ceased to exist in early 2005!"

Much chatting, and much of a bottle of the Yaldara Barossa Shiraz - currently on sale in Tesco at half normal price - later, we phoned up uitlander's freinds restaurant the Thai Tai in Brackley and popped down there for a meal. I had the delightful Laab:
Not many Thai restaurants serve this robust but simple peasant dish. It is amongst Thailand’s most classic foods and is made from ground meat (your choice of chicken, pork or beancurd) served with mint, lime juice, dried chilli, crushed roasted rice, spring onion and coriander on a bed of fresh salad. Truly a delicious choice.
which was nice, but then it is one of the nicest Thai restaurants we know. Alan popped over and was chatting with us before the starter arrived - we ended up talking on the subject of getting cheap rail tickets to interesting places, since his Christmas had been somewhat screwed by the fog preventing his flight to Bruges, and Eurostar was upping its prices at that point in response to overwhelming demand.

And after dropping Mum back at Silverstone, we returned home. The M1 was running faster, though there were some atrocious cross-winds, and a bit of spray. However, it wasn't much over the hour to get home. Then popped a melatonin tablet (brought back frm the US) and actually fell asleep quickly and slept a full night's sleep.

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