The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

New measuring stick required.

So, we're re-shelving the house, using the excellent products from SHELFSTORE. More expensive than the IKEA Ivar shelves, but much more flexible. We're going for shelving that's only 14 cm deep, so it doesn't stick out from the wall anything like as far as Ivar does.

So, anyway, we'd done the Blue Room (now rechristened as Library Annex #1). And it was time to redo the library itself.

We measured the wall next to the hallway. 3 metres and a smidgeon, from the wall at one end to the pillar at the other.

So, that'll be 4 uprights, and a metre length of shelving in each bay. We check the measurement advice:
When measuring shelf runs, you need to allow some extra space over and above the lengths of the shelves themselves. Allow 3.5 cm for the first pair of uprights, and 0.5 cm for each extra upright.
Hmm, so that makes a total distance of 3.045 metres. It's time to remeasure, because that was a small smidgeon. So we do so. We make it, from skirting board to skirting board, 3.042. Three millimetres short.

OK, we may have to shave the bases of the legs slightly.

Last night, we unpacked the order, and assembled the shelves. There is actually nearly 5 millimetres of space at the ends. So the gap is 8 millimetres longer than we thought. Thank goodness, it wasn't the other way, but it does look as though our house's builders and SHELFSTORE may have been in cahoots. How else could we use the maximum length shelves and fit so perfectly?

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