The Bellinghman (bellinghman) wrote,
The Bellinghman

Blue LEDs? Why?

The last leprechaun gremlin is now dead. Last night, I popped into PC World in Cambridge (local computer shop: "no demand, guv, no demand"), and picked up a Socket A CPU cooler, and a motherboard chipset fan. Both needed replacing, with the fans stuttering, and the overheat alarm wailing any time I turned the volume up. I've just fitted both, and apart from the fact that I deeply loathe fitting Socket A heatsinks (it requires a combination of delicacy and brute force in a restricted space, with easily damaged components nearby), it's all gone OK, and is back to working properly. I'm now running Seti to get both processors running at maximum to check that there's not going to be any more heat problems.

Ignoring the fact that the CPU heatsink is very slightly crooked (it's wedged against another heatsink, being somewhat larger than what it replaces), I have one question. Why, oh why, does it insist on having blue LEDs in the fan? What earthly good does that do? It looks really daft in an office.

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