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#65 Cate Dermody: The Firebird Deception

Cate Dermody: The Firebird Deception

Mass Market Paperback: 298 pages
Publisher: Silhouette Books (Jun 2006)
ISBN-10: 0373514093
Category(ies): Thriller/Romance

The second part of the story started in The Cardinal Rule, this time the next generation of fighting drone appears - the Firebird. This one isn't a Martian Fighting Machine in miniature, it's a flying one, which is all the more threatening for some reason. And once again, Alisha is trying to sort everything out — who is a good guy, who's a bad guy — and still coming to terms with being betrayed by everyone in sight. Once you start getting to triple agents, multiple secret organisations that have been contesting the world for centuries before the CIA came along, and somewhat implausible tech, you know it's not meant to be realistic. But who cares — this is a fairground ride.

Complication piled on complication. Please, let the third resolve it all!
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