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#64 Cate Dermody: The Cardinal Rule

Cate Dermody: The Cardinal Rule

Mass Market Paperback: 297 pages
Publisher: Silhouette Books (Dec 2005)
ISBN-10: 0373513852
Category(ies): Thriller/Romance

I'd better review this quick, before the author finds my LJ and reads it (grin). And no, this isn't one of the genres I normally read (and not a genre the author, otherwise known as C E Murphy, normally writes). But mizkit and her husband chefted were at Octocon, and somehow I ended up with this, its sequel and another book. Which I shall review elsewhere.

So, the story. Alisha MacAleer (a feisty heroine, and more Hispanic than her Irish name would indicate) has a problem. She's a CIA field agent who gets into danger, but her biggest bête noir is tall, handsome Frank Reichart, a mercenary ex-CIA man who now works for the other side - assuming anyone knows who the other side actually is. And he has nearly killed Alisha in the past, which is a little ungallant for an ex-fiancee. The problem is, Alisha is still conflicted ...

And so it goes. There's a dash of SF in here (Artificial Intelligence being used to build some quite terrifying fighting robots, complete with lasers as blasters). And there's a lot of action, the whole thing being pretty helter-skelter. And there's a dash of 'romance', mostly Alisha being totally unsure who to trust, and having her emotions in danger of overriding her intelligence. Since this is the world of espionage, someone shooting at you doesn't mean they're not on your side.

This is the first of three, and it's a good fun read. Twisty and turny and unpredictable pretty well all the way.
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