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The Bellinghman
3 February 1960
Royston, Herts, United Kingdom
Pronounced "Bellinjman"
External Services:
Aynho C of E Primary School - Aynho England - Northamptonshire UK (1964 - 1967)
Winchester House School - Brackley England - Northamptonshire UK (1967 - 1972)
Christ's Hospital - Horsham England - West Sussex UK (1972 - 1977)
University of Dundee - Dundee Scotland - Dundee UK (1978)
University of Cambridge - Saint Catharine's College - Cambridge England - Cambridgeshire UK (1978 - 1981)
Interests: (31)
accu, balti, basel, beer, bill bailey, c j cherryh, c++, cats, chocolate, conventions, cooking, dave langford, dead ringers, diane duane, discworld, fantasy, fasnacht, iain banks, iain m banks, ireland, john meaney, malt whisky, new scientist, peter morwood, pink floyd, pratchett, sf, switzerland, terry pratchett, tom holt, ursula leguin
Still alive.
Not yet dead.

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